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Math Tutoring

Math Tutor

Regardless of a student's age, math can be challenging because each new concept builds upon the previous concept. Therefore, if one math concept is unclear to a student it contributes to a weak math foundation making it increasingly difficult and frustrating to face more advanced math skills and subjects in the future.

Reading Tutoring

Reading Tutor

Reading tutoring is extremely important for children of all ages. During elementary school, our tutors will work closely with your child to ensure the development of the student’s ability to sound out words, build a diverse vocabulary, and master spelling. As they reach middle school, students encounter a new set of demands. They will have to do more challenging homework assignments, tests, quizzes, exams and projects. For that reason, they will need the help of an experienced reading tutor to make sure that your child achieves their goals.

Reading becomes even important throughout high school. This is the time when students are faced with high expectations and demanding academic environment. High school courses require students to be able to extract information and deep meaning from texts. At this stage, they will have heavier workloads and complex texts that can leave teens struggling. If they lack strong reading skills, it can cause a great deal of frustration.

Reading Tutor

Science Tutoring

Science Tutor

Science tutoring is incredibly important from elementary to high school. We are ready to help prepare your child for science tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and projects. Because each child learns differently, it is unlikely that a single teacher can cater to the unique learning styles of each student. However, here at Celebration Learning & Academic Services , our science tutors will help your child gain not only knowledge on the subject, but also self-assurance in their capacity to thrive in science. With our professional help, homework assignments, lab reports, and chapter study become less intimidating. Whether your child has enrolled in basic introductory classes or AP courses, the benefits of science tutoring are significant.

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