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Want to Boost Your SAT Score? Follow these Five Test-Taking Tips

Want to Boost Your SAT Score? Follow these Five Test-Taking Tips

Want to Boost Your SAT Score? Follow these Five Test-Taking Tips

Taking the SAT can be a nerve-racking and arduous experience for those who have goals of post-secondary education. When you want to get into a specific college program or you need to secure financial aid and scholarships, you will want to achieve the highest possible score on your SATs. To do this, you need to understand some basic test-taking strategies. These are a few ways that you can increase your SAT score at your next test session.

Skim the Reading First

Before answering any questions on the reading portion of the exam, you should take some time to quickly skim the readings. By orienting yourself in the content before answering the questions, you can then quickly return back to the reading to answer the question in the applicable section. This will save you time and also improve your chances of pinpointing the right section and content you need to answer the question.

Eliminate Wrong Answers First

The process of elimination is one of the best test-taking tips for the SAT. As you go through the answer choices, cross out the answers that do not fit. There are often at least two answers that are completely wrong, and these can be eliminated immediately to improve the likelihood that you will choose the correct answer.

Go With Your Gut

Many pros say that your first instinct is often the correct answer. When you spend time second-guessing the answer you’ve chosen, you not only waste time that could be better spent on another question, but you also may choose the wrong answer. When it comes to the SATs, use the knowledge you have and go with your gut.

Budget Your Time

The SAT is a timed test, and you need to take time-management into account when you are answering questions. Do not spend much time on questions you do not know and make your best guess before moving on. When you do spend a lot of time on one question, make sure you are actively thinking about the solution. One of the best ways to learn how to manage your time on the SATs is to practice, practice, practice.

Don’t Skip Questions – Take an Educated Guess

On the older versions of the SAT, you were penalized for guessing. However, this is no longer true. When you do not feel fully confidence in your answer, take a guess. Before you just circle C, take the time to eliminate any obviously incorrect answers to better your chances. By making an educated guess, you increase the odds that you are making the right choice – and this can boost your score in the long run.

Go to Tutoring

Is your SAT score goal within reach? If you only need a few more points to reach your SAT score goal, you can benefit from the help of a tutor. At SAT tutoring in Orlando, you will work with a coach that can provide you with individualized lessons based on your test-taking skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Understanding how to maximize your approach to the test can have a great impact on your score, positioning you for the best test-taking experience yet.

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