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Do I Need to Take the SAT Exam?

Do I Need to Take the SAT Exam?

Do I Need to Take the SAT Exam?

As the school year approaches, high school students everywhere have been starting to ask themselves one important question: is this the year I need to take the SATs? When you dream of attending college, getting scholarships, or having future academic aspirations, the SAT may be in your near future. As experts in SAT tutoring in Orlando, we assist in test preparation of many college-bound high school students. These are a few important reasons why you may need to take the SATs this year.

You Want to Go to College

The main reason most students take the SAT exam is because they plan to attend college. The SAT exam is often required for most college programs. Even schools that do not require test scores from either the SAT or ACT will look favorably among candidates that have high scores. This can differentiate your application and make you a more desirable candidate for their program. Keep more options open for your future by taking the SAT.

You Are Applying for Scholarships

Colleges often award top-performing students with merit-based scholarships, and these can also come from high SAT scores. When you are applying for scholarships, you will want to have SAT scores in your pocket to put on your application. By working to improve your test scores, you can place yourself in the best possible to receive financial aid and scholarships for your future education.           

You May Need It to Graduate

Some high schools or states actually require their students to take the SAT exam before they can graduate. When you live in a state that requires the SAT, like West Virginia or New Hampshire, you will take the exam during the school day, which will not require any additional time for you to arrange a test schedule. You can submit these schools to future schools, but if you are unsatisfied with them, you can just disregard them and take the exam again.

Your Job May Depend on It

Some employers will look at SAT scores to determine whether you are a good fit for their company. Many test prep companies will require high SAT scores before you are hired, but other jobs, such as those in finance or consulting, may also ask about your history with the SATs.

You May Choose the SAT over the ACT

Some people simply want to take the SAT exam because they do not want to take the ACT. The SAT is slightly different than the ACT, as it does not have a Science section and covers fewer math topics. Those who are stronger in literacy may opt to take the SAT in hopes for an improved score.

If you find yourself aligning with any of these goals or aspirations, you will want to sign up to take the SAT exam in a school near you. To start preparing for success on the exam, consider enrolling in SAT tutoring in Orlando to learn test-taking strategies that will improve your score.

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