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College Preparatory Course Benefits and More

College Preparatory Course Benefits and More

College Preparatory Course Benefits and More

Parents in the process of deciding whether or not to send their child to boarding school or hire a private tutor are likely wondering about the benefits of college preparatory courses. In addition, they often have many questions like, what percentage of prep school students end up in college, or do colleges look at prep courses differently? To help, our experts on preparatory courses in Orlando offer the following benefits and drawbacks of preparatory schools and courses and answer a common question parents have about boarding schools and prep courses.

The benefits and drawbacks of prep schools and courses

The advantages and disadvantages of prep schools and prep courses vary depending on the school or private tutor you consider. For many parents, the only drawback is that their child may have to attend a school far away from home. Though this is not a requirement, more often than not, students have a positive experience when they attend prep schools away from home. When you send your child to a college preparatory school or enroll them in college prep courses, they will learn vital educational and life skills much earlier than other students do. They are also given access to various other benefits.

College preparatory benefits

Allowing your child to attend a college prep school or get involved with college preparatory courses provides many benefits, including:


Your child can develop a higher level of independence at a critical stage of life. For example, students who attend prep school or prep courses often learn to manage their time, balance their school and social life, and do their homework more efficiently. In addition, developing this strong sense of independence during adolescence fosters a much stronger sense of accountability and drive early in life.

Ample academic opportunities

College prep schools and courses offer many more academic opportunities than public schools. From state-of-the-art teaching facilities to AP courses, your child will benefit from attending specialized classes designed to make them highly successful throughout their academic careers.

Feeling prepared for college

The main difference between attending college prep courses and college is a student's age. Many children who attend prep courses or schools often feel more prepared for their lives as college students.

Personalized education through smaller class sizes

At college prep schools and courses, smaller class sizes allow students to have a higher level of hands-on learning and one-on-one mentorship. For kids who seek a more personalized education opportunity, attending college preparatory classes or schools is the way to make that happen.

A sense of community

Learning to be a part of a thriving community is a valuable life skill. When a student attends a college preparatory program or takes college prep courses, they will have first-hand experience and what it's like to join an integrated community. Students learn how to interact with each other deeper and organize social events.

Are children involved with college preparatory courses and schools more likely to attend college?

Most college preparatory schools and courses have a higher percentage of students going to college. Many of these schools tout a rate of nearly 100% college enrollment. Most students attend college preparatory courses intending to get into the school of their dreams. Every part of your student's education at a college prep school is geared toward preparing them for college life.

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