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4 Tips for Acing the SAT

4 Tips for Acing the SAT

4 Tips for Acing the SAT

It is no secret that students should start studying for the SAT long before taking the test. It is essential to understand the test's question structure and tricky language. In addition, test day preparations should include getting plenty of rest the night before, eating a nutritious meal, and arriving early to the test site. Taking the SAT more than once can increase your chance of a high score.

 More than a million students take the SAT annually. One of the most essential tips for getting a great score is studying specifically for the test, which is uniquely designed to test your college readiness. You should do most of your studying months before the test, so our experts on SAT tutoring in Orlando don’t recommend relying on last-minute tips. Any test day prep should focus on feeling energized for the long day ahead and getting to the testing site on time. Our experts offer these tips for preparing to take the SAT.

Create a study schedule

Studying for the SAT will improve your test score significantly. Many students take a few practice tests and consider themselves ready. However, a study schedule can ensure consistent studying and keep you on track for a better score. Create your study plan according to your weaknesses and strengths in test-related content. Focus more attention on learning the material you do not perform well on while continuing to review the materials you master.

Start by choosing a test date to create a study schedule. Once you know when you take the test, you can schedule regular study times. Try to allow at least three hours per week for studying to keep materials fresh in your mind without burning out before the test. Studying should be compared to a marathon instead of a sprint.

Consult quality prep materials

The quality of your study materials can affect how prepared you feel for the test and how well you score. Your go-to resource should be the College Board website. There you can access a free study guide, practice questions, practice tests, answer explanations, and test-taking tips. The Khan Academy offers official SAT practice questions and video explanations to help. You can find additional resources like private tutors, online prep classes, apps, and SAT prep books for more assistance.

Boost your reading speed

Reading questions accurately and quickly is a big part of the SAT. Especially in the reading section, you need to get through long passages rapidly without losing track of necessary details. Decreasing the time it takes to read test passages and questions will allow you more time to contemplate the answers. 80% of what you need to know comes from 20% of the reading material on reading-based questions. Becoming a more efficient reader means having additional time for answering questions and critical thinking. In addition, reading practice questions will help you familiarize yourself with the language and question structure.

Target mistakes you have control over

While you cannot control or predict not knowing an answer, mistakes like careless errors, question comprehension, and time and speed pressure are things you can potentially influence. Time pressure causes many students to make mistakes. You can get used to the pressure and speed by taking a timed practice test. Set a timer for the amount of time you will have for the actual test. Timing individual questions can help you get more comfortable with time limits and help avoid careless errors. In addition, question comprehension causes issues for many students. Be careful to avoid common mistakes, like reading too quickly, using too many commas, overlooking double negatives, and losing focus on what a question is really asking. Review SAT questions will help you recognize the trick language. Pay close attention to questions using the words rather than, however, least, and except.

These are just a few tips for acing the SAT. Contact us today for SAT tutoring in Orlando if you need additional assistance. We are here for you!