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3 Essential Components to Preparing for the ACT or SAT

3 Essential Components to Preparing for the ACT or SAT

3 Essential Components to Preparing for the ACT or SAT

Preparing to study for the ACT or SAT is a challenge. It is a good idea to have good erasers ready, keep plenty of pencils sharp, and have Kleenexes handy for when you can't stop crying. Though these preparations are great, now it's time to decide if you can study for these tests on your own or if you need to enlist the services for SAT and ACT tutoring in Orlando. Our experts offer these components you must have to be successful at taking the ACT or SAT.

Accountability and motivation.

Getting motivated to study for the ACT or SAT can be difficult. These tests have no direct impact on your high school education, and preparing for them is not as enjoyable as hanging out on social media. You will make little progress in preparing for the test if you are not motivated. It will not do you much good to have thoughts like, “Oh, I should probably study so I can get a score good enough to get accepted into the college I want.” It would be best to have solid reasons for studying that offer motivation.

The strength of your motivation will often determine the score that you get on either test. In some cases, it is a great motivator to wish to get a good score to be guaranteed a scholarship to the school of your choice. In other cases, students are motivated by wanting to outscore their siblings. In addition, motivation can be affected by accountability. In many cases, students are highly motivated to succeed when others count on them that they do not wish to disappoint. Some students find extra motivation from the thought of a sibling or friend shaming them for not studying like they said they would. Others are motivated by the idea of their parents being disappointed in them for failing to improve their test scores.

The bottom line is it is crucial to find as many sources of motivation possible that will work for you. If you have a problem finding the motivation to study for these tests independently with no one to be accountable to, you may find help in hiring a tutor.

Solid study plan.

Students who prepare with a structured study plan are often more successful on the ACT and SAT. However, it can be challenging to keep yourself organized if you are studying by yourself. Knowing exactly where you hope to be on the test day and understanding your current status is the first step to developing a structured study plan.

Then, to get a realistic sense of how you would score on the test right now, you should take a practice test that is timed and under the most natural conditions possible.

It is also imperative to understand your score target. You can do this by listing all the schools you plan to apply for. Then, do an online search of the schools’ average ACT or SAT scores and get your target test score by averaging all of the averages of the schools you're interested in. Once you know your target test score and your current score, you will be more aware of what it takes to get where you want to be.
It would be best if you answered all of the following questions to create your structured study plan.

  • When am I taking the test, and how long can I prepare before test day comes?
  • How many hours do I need to study every week?
  • What materials should I focus on the most?
  • Which resources should I use, a complete prep program or books?
  • When should I take practice tests?
  • How do I know when to make adjustments to my study plan based on progress?

When you have difficulty structuring your study for the test, you may want to seek the services of a tutor.

High-quality resources for study.

Motivation is not enough if you don't have the best resources for preparing for your test. While studying for the SAT or ACT, it is essential to use ACT and SAT practice tests. Using questions from official tests is the only way to ensure that the questions you are testing with are written in the same format as the actual test. In addition, there are plenty of free practice tests to be found online.

Be aware of topics that you have trouble with. If there is an area that you know will cause a struggle with your testing, then it is critical to be aware of the availability of the best resources that will target your weaknesses. If you are having difficulty recognizing such resources, you will likely find working with a service that provides SAT or ACT tutoring in Orlando beneficial.