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Why You Should Consider Taking the ACT Exam

Why You Should Consider Taking the ACT Exam

Why You Should Consider Taking the ACT Exam

Are you enrolled to take the SAT exam in the near future?  Many colleges still require the SAT to be admitted, but that doesn't mean they will only look at your SAT scores.  The ACT is a popular test that focuses on more subject areas, enhancing your chances of scoring higher if you are a well-rounded student, or if you have science-related aspirations.  As a company that offers professional ACT tutoring in Orlando, we understand the intricacies of the test and prepare our students for success.  There are a few benefits of taking the ACT exam.

You Can Study for Both at the Same Time

When you also take the ACT, colleges will be able to look at your well-rounded test-taking abilities in various subject areas.  The ACT also offers Science in its content, making certain programs look closely at these numbers.  Because you are likely already taking the SAT if you have college aspirations, you will already be studying similar content.  Why not also prepare for the ACT at the same time?  The tests are very similar, which makes studying techniques similar as well.  It only makes sense to take care of both tests at the same time.

You Can Retest Subject Areas Only

If you are unhappy with how you performed on a certain subject area, you can request to retake only that subject area.  This is a huge advantage over the SAT, which only allows students to retest the entire exam over and over again.  With the ACT, you can choose to take the subject area that you underperformed in, which gives you a chance to narrow your study techniques to only that content.

You Can Average Your Test Scores

It can be frustrating to take retests only to score better on certain sections and score worse on others.  However, with the ACT, you can average all of your test scores so that college admissions and scholarships will only look at your top scores.  This gives you a chance to reflect on your best sections, which may not necessarily be your best overall test.

You Can Delete Score Records

One of the advantages of retesting for the ACTs is that you are able to delete any previous test scores once you score higher.  The SATs does not allow for this kind of forgiveness.  If you are unhappy or do not wish for colleges to see any previous ACT scores, you can request for them to be deleted.  This requires you to submit a written request to the company that you tested with.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider taking the ACT test in addition to the SAT.  Because of some of its advantages, it could end up positioning you at a better spot for college admissions.  If you are looking to boost your scores and learn test-taking strategies specific to the ACT, contact us to hear about our ACT tutoring in Orlando today.