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Improving Math Scores on the SAT Exam

Improving Math Scores on the SAT Exam

Improving Math Scores on the SAT Exam

Many students find reading much less challenging than math. However, students who have trouble with mathematics can benefit significantly from learning what is included in the math portion of the SAT.  According to the SAT publisher, the College Board, the math section questions on the SAT are designed to measure how well you apply skills you have learned in school to true-to-life scenarios. Part of the exam requires students to work a portion of math problems in their head or on paper, while the other portion allows test takers to use a calculator to find problem solutions. Before taking this critical exam, you may want to improve your test-taking skills by enrolling in SAT tutoring in Orlando.

Data analysis and problem-solving

Many questions included in the SAT exam are designed to test your ability to analyze data and solve problems. These questions require the ability to determine ratios and rates then use your answer to solve a multistep problem. Finding percentages is vital, but you will be required to use your percentage solution to find the final solution to additional steps in the same problem. This section of the exam also requires students to convert units of measurement and apply that solution to solve additional steps in the said problem. Finally, you will be required to find relative frequencies, make inferences, and analyze other mathematical data sets.

Algebraic Equations

While the College Board divides the Algebra section of the SAT into eight categories, it is essential to know how to solve five different algebraic problem types to get the best score possible. You must find solutions to multistep equations to discover the variable. Students will also need to be competent in solving equations with two variables. Solutions sets are also a prominent part of the algebra portion of the SAT exam. Other problems will require selecting the graph showing an algebraic equation or choosing the correct algebraic equation based upon a provided diagram. The final problems you will encounter in the Algebra section require you to determine how a given algebraic equation change affects a graph.

Advanced mathematical concepts

These advanced problems are created to test a student's ability to solve more complicated mathematical equations. You will be required to show success in creating a mathematical equation that represents a real-life situation. Working with radicals and exponents to find equivalent forms is much of the focus of this exam section.

Questions in this section will also require finding the solutions to several types of mathematical equations, including linear, quadratic, rational, and non-rational. Finally, students will need the knowledge to understand and solve function notations.

While SAT tutoring in Orlando often focuses considerable time and energy on geometry questions, geometry makes up only a tiny percentage of SAT exam questions. This misdirected energy and lesson planning makes it very important to work with a reputable tutor if you are paying for a service to help improve SAT scores. Contact

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