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Five Tips for Managing Your Child’s Homework

Five Tips for Managing Your Child’s Homework

Five Tips for Managing Your Child’s Homework

Does your child get easily overwhelmed by their homework?  Has your child’s teacher recently told you that they never do their homework?  When it comes to homework, there are a range of issues that affect many students.  From not getting it done to being unorganized to forgetting the assignment as school, homework problems make it stressful for both parents and students.  In tutoring in Orlando, we help students stay organized and get their homework done.  These are a few tips that we suggest to help both children and parents manage homework.

Get It Done as Early as Possible

The last thing your child wants to do as soon as they walk through the doors from school is to pull out their homework.  However, getting the work done as early as possible can leave the rest of the night free for other activities.  When you can, it is advisable to get the work done as early as possible.  This is also important if you have a busy evening schedule.  You don’t want to be coming home late from soccer practice only to struggle through the homework assignments when everyone is tired.

Find a Place for Success

Set up an area in the home that makes for success with schoolwork.  This can be an area at the kitchen table or a private desk in your child’s bedroom.  When they have a place to focus on their work, they will be more successful in getting it done and learning while doing it.  If they are confused, let them know that they can come to you to ask questions.  Offer help when they ask, and be positive and encouraging throughout the process.

Establish a Call Sheet

When your child misses school, you should have a list of contacts that you can call to find out information about what they’ve missed.  Come up with a list of homework buddies that can be responsible for taking care of simple things, like bringing home missed work or helping with any questions about the content.  It is smart to choose someone that is nearby, like a neighbor or close friend.

Plan for Large Projects

Larger projects are often divided into different benchmarks, especially in those in the lower elementary grades.  When your child is assigned a larger project, you want to come up with a calendar that will help you accomplish it without procrastinating.  Procrastinating can cause stress, and it can be overwhelming when it comes time to finish the project in the last remaining hours.  Avoid waiting too long before something is due to prevent these issues.

Hire a Tutor

These are a few tips that can help you and your child manage the stress and organization that often comes with homework.  When your child is struggling to get their homework done, you may also want to consider tutoring in Orlando.  Tutors can assist with everything from homework help to problem areas to test prep.  Contact Celebration Learning to hear more about our tutoring services today.