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Five School Organization Tips for Learning Success

Five School Organization Tips for Learning Success

Five School Organization Tips for Learning Success

Do you want your children to start 2021 with success in the classroom?  As schools reopen and kids return back after holiday break, it provides a great opportunity to reorganize school materials.  Organization of school materials is one of the best ways to prepare your students for success in school.  It also helps them find what they need during class and when they need to do their homework.  At our tutoring in Orlando, we provide learning resources, extension of classroom goals, and organization strategies to help our students reach their learning potential.  There are a few organization tips that can get your student on the path to learning success this year.


Before you start to organize, you first want to de-clutter any paperwork and items that are old, outdated, or no longer needed.  Graded assignments, old papers that are no longer helpful, and papers that you teacher tells you to throw away should be discarded.  These items only make your binders and folders bulky and disorganized.  You should only keep items that you still need inside these pockets.

Get a Planner

A great way to start the year is to get a new planner.  Writing in an agenda will keep you organized and up-to-date on assignments, deadlines, and other reminders.  Be consistent about writing in your planner to keep all of your information in one place.  When this becomes a part of your daily routine, you will be more productive and focused on tasks that need to be completed.

Color Code Materials

Organize your child's materials using a color-coded system.  Decide which color scheme you want to use, and then stick to it.  For example, keep all science-related materials green, all reading materials yellow, and all math materials red.  Notebooks, folders, and binders that match will be much easier for your kid to collect when they are rummaging through their locker and looking for materials for each class.

Prioritize Assignments

Homework, studying for upcoming tests, and large projects should always be prioritized over other work.  Use your planner to determine which assignments you need to work on first, and then second, third, etc.  When you child comes home from school that day, they will be able to pack their backpack accordingly so they can work on high-priority assignments first.

Use Binders

Binders are one of the best ways to keep many supplies in one place.  Come up with a binder system that works for your children.  It is especially effective to have one binder per subject.  When your child needs materials for that particular class, they can just grab their binder and trust that the materials are inside.  Properly label these binders so they can be easily identified.

These are just a few simple ways that you can keep your children and students organized so they can be more successful and productive in the classroom.  As you make these changes, your children should be an integral part of the process so they can understand the organizational strategies.  If you are looking for more learning tips, contact our professionals in tutoring in Orlando to schedule your first session with us today.