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6 Signs that a Child can Benefit from Tutoring

6 Signs that a Child can Benefit from Tutoring

6 Signs that a Child can Benefit from Tutoring

Parenting is hard. When is it time to look for outside help for a child’s academic success? Be aware of some factors and warning signs that can indicate that a child needs a tutor.

When children have challenging studies and busy family schedules that do not allow for enough parental support, individual teaching services can be a tremendously productive addition to their schedule to help ensure academic success. One-on-one attention from a tutor can eliminate distractions and benefit even the most successful learner.  Although some children can manage well with a helpful teacher at school and parental support at home, others will benefit greatly from extra help. Seeking a tutor to circumvent falling grades and other academic struggles can build a foundation for continued academic success and will often result in a child enjoying school more and being more emotionally balanced. Celebration Learning and Academic Services is your source for dependable tutoring in Orlando when a child needs some extra help.

Falling Grades

If it is evident that a child can perform at a much higher level than the grades on their latest report card, or if there has been a sudden or even gradual decline in test scores, communication with instructors about the issues can be beneficial. The teacher can help with pinpointing the concepts a child is struggling with.  Teachers can also recognize when a child's attention has been lacking, indicating that they have not mastered a topic or are having issues with focusing. Once you identify problem areas, you can take action to help them to improve their grades.

Not Managing Time Well

When a child puts off projects and postpones doing homework, they may have trouble catching up as workloads increase. Though you can expect occasional delays, constant procrastination can signal a more serious issue, especially when the child ignores repeated reminders.  When a child is struggling, whether with a specific subject, a time management issue, or a possible learning disability, tutoring professionals can help get them back on track. Investing in a tutor can improve study habits, cultivate self-motivation, and keep pace with upcoming assignments and tests.

Being Consistently Confused

There are times when a child is under-performing because they do not understand the homework. For example, if repeatedly puzzled by certain concepts, they may not be keeping up with grade-level expectations. It can be challenging to discern if a child is confused because the curriculum concepts aren't clear or just want to avoid putting in the work. But suppose a child repeatedly expresses anxiety about a test and is defensive when you try to help. In that case, a tutor can help with comprehension of each subject at the current level to ensure grade advancement.

Lacking Confidence

It is natural to be uncertain when learning new concepts, but it is never constructive to criticize a child because they have trouble in school. For example, if a child feels blue and expresses that they are struggling to keep up, criticism may cause them to run and hide rather than ask for help. However, when it is apparent that a child is getting stuck on certain concepts consistently or is expressing the need for a confidence boost, they would undoubtedly benefit from the assistance of a tutor. When tutoring is successful, a child will become self-assured and have increased confidence, leading to more participation in the classroom.

Decreased Parental Supervision

When parents take on additional commitments outside of the family, it may be impossible to maintain the same level of academic support they provided their child. Also, as a child ages and his workload increases, this might require blocks of study time too large to fit into a family schedule. And often, the concepts covered in higher grade levels or how teachers are teaching those concepts may not be very familiar to parents. In any case, a parent may experience trouble managing to be helpful with a child's homework. Tutors are an excellent resource for easing scheduling conflicts within a household.

Learning Disabilities

Tutoring sessions are highly beneficial for children who have been diagnosed with a learning disorder, such as ADHD, dyslexia, or a visual processing problem. Unfortunately, youths with learning disabilities often have to work much harder than their peers to stay on the same level of academic advancement. Fortunately, many tutors are experienced in teaching children with disabilities and can give these children the time and attention needed to master subjects and establish successful study habits. In addition, a specialized tutor can present information in a way that's easier for a child with a learning disability to understand, making school less complicated and more enjoyable.

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