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Three Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT Exam

Three Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT Exam

Three Frequently Asked Questions about the SAT Exam

Are you signing up for the spring SAT testing session?  Are you curious on how to prepare for the test?  The SAT is a challenging and timed standardized test taken by many high schoolers before they graduate.  Their scores are measured by their correctness on reading, writing, and mathematics sections of the exam, and it provides a scale for colleges to determine who is a good fit for their programs.  Our SAT tutoring in Orlando prepares students for this exam by providing them with strategies and practice.  Before you get ready for the exam, you may want to familiarize yourself with some of the facts.  These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the SAT exam.

Where do I take the exam?

Many high schools in your community will offer the exam on the weekends.  Typically, there are testing sessions during each season, which gives you the flexibility to choose what works for your schedule.  Often times, the testing sessions are in the mornings on the weekend.  You will need to allot extra time to register and sign in when you arrival at the school.  Testing centers will also offer SAT testing hours, so be sure to check the SAT website for more details.

How do I prepare?

Preparing for the SAT exam may seem like a daunting task.  However, when you enroll in our SAT tutoring in Orlando, we work with you to determine your strengths and weakness.  We equip you with time management strategies and test taking practice that you will find beneficial when taking the test.  Taking practice tests and studying are two great ways to prepare for the SAT.

What can I bring to the exam?

Many testing centers will only allow you to take a few items into the testing session.  You will not be allowed access to your cell phone or any other electronics, so be sure to stow these away and turn them off before the test begins.  You will be allowed to bring a calculator and a snack.  Snacks should be stowed under your desk to be eaten during the breaks.  Your calculator will only be allowed during the math portion of the exam.  Also, you want to be sure to bring pencils and an eraser.  Many people also bring layers to adjust to the temperature of the testing center to ensure they are comfortable during testing.

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the SAT exam that prepares students for college admissions.  As a test required across the country, many high school students stress out over this exam.  When you enroll in our SAT tutoring in Orlando, you can relieve your stress by preparing yourself with tried-and-true testing strategies.  Contact us today to schedule a class with our expert tutors.