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How to Succeed on the ACT and SAT

How to Succeed on the ACT and SAT

How to Succeed on the ACT and SAT

Are you trying to get a higher score the SAT or ACT to help you with your college admissions?  Do you have you sights on a particular school that requires a high SAT score?  When you dream big, you also have to work hard.  This is especially true for standardized tests required for college.  These tests are designed to make students stress and worry, but there are ways to combat these frustrations.  By taking preparatory courses in Orlando, you can learn strategies and tips to overcome test anxiety and perform well on these exams.  There are a few tips to help you succeed on standardized tests required by most colleges.

Start Preparing Early

Don't wait until the last minute to start preparing for the SAT and ACT.  These exams are weighed heavily in the college admissions process for a reason.  They are difficult and lengthy.  They require more preparation than most of the exams you are used to taking.  When you dedicate a lot of time to prepare, you set yourself up for success in the long run.

Plan Your Preparation

Instead of simply studying what you think you should study, invest in a manual or take preparatory courses in Orlando.  This will allow you to strategize and plan the preparation.  During each study session, you should focus on a different element of the test.  This way, after you are done with the preparation, you will have experienced all aspects of the exam.

Take Practice Tests

Practice tests can be extremely helpful when you are preparing for the SAT and ACT.  These practice tests can determine areas of strengths and weaknesses, which will help inform you how to proceed with your preparation.  Be sure that you time your practice tests to learn about how this environment feels for test taking day.

Familiarize Yourself with the Instructions

By familiarizing yourself with the test instructions and directions before you sit down to take the test, you will save time on test day.  You will already be aware of the expectations of the text, which means you won't waste any time reading these sections on test day.  Remember, you don't get any points for reading the directions.  Instead, you can focus all of your efforts on choosing the best answers.  

Get a Good Night's Sleep

After you have done everything you can to prepare, you want to get a good night's sleep the evening before you take your test.  Trust that you have done everything and put the books done.  Focus instead of going to bed early and getting a healthy breakfast before you take the exam.  Because it is a long exam, you want to be attentive and energetic throughout the entire test-taking process.

Follow these tips in order to find success on many of the standardized tests that will help you get into the college of your choice.  Our preparatory courses in Orlando aim to teach you strategies and test-taking tips that will assist you both before and on the day of the exam.  If you are interested in taking courses with us, contact us today to hear about our qualified tutors and get started.