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Four Actions You Should Take During the Pandemic to Stay Prepared for the SAT

Four Actions You Should Take During the Pandemic to Stay Prepared for the SAT

Four Actions You Should Take During the Pandemic to Stay Prepared for the SAT

Has the coronavirus pandemic affected your SAT or ACT testing situation?  Many high school graduates actually had their SAT scores waived as a requirement for college admissions this past school year, but that likely won't continue as we approach the new school year.  That means that incoming high school upperclassmen will want to stay focused on their preparations for these admissions exams if they have their sights set on college.  There are a few actions you should take during this coronavirus pandemic to stay focused on your SAT testing requirements.

Sign Up for the Test

Even though many centers have cancellations or specific, new policies to uphold, you will want to register for the test session that you want.  This will ensure that you are on their calendar in case they reach maximum capacity, which will happen quicker due to adhering to social distancing.  Stay updated with the latest news on early fall or winter sessions so that you can sign up as soon as registration is open.

Read the New Policies

Because you will likely be taking the test during the coronavirus pandemic, you want to familiarize yourself with some of the new test-taking policies.  Know what to expect so that you can avoid any anxiety that may come with these changes.  For example, you may even be testing remotely through a video-monitored test session.  Also, you may need to be there during a different time then other students.  There will likely be changes, so be sure to read thoroughly when you sign up.

Set Test Prep Goals

It may seem difficult to stay focused on test preparation and studying when schools are closed and the future is slightly unknown.  However, it is critical that you take the time to enhance your test taking skills and learn new strategies.  By setting aside some time each week to study for the SAT, you will be able to stay focused on your own, achievable goals.

Enroll in SAT Tutoring in Orlando

Many tutoring centers and test preparation centers are still working with students who plan to take the SAT and ACT in the fall and winter.  These sessions will provide you with the focus that may be difficult to achieve independently.  At Celebration Learning, you will be paired with a tutor that can provide you with individualized instruction that will improve your weaknesses, provide test-taking strategies, and practice time management.

These are just a few things you'll want to do if you need to take the SAT in order to get into the college you want to go to.  Even though many schools are still closed and social distancing requirements are still in place, you want to stay focused on your academic goals and aspirations.  Enrolling in our SAT tutoring in Orlando can help you stay prepared despite everything going on.  Contact us to hear how we keep you prepared today.