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Four ACT Test Taking Tips

Four ACT Test Taking Tips

Four ACT Test Taking Tips

Are you a college-bound student who is looking to improve the scores on your ACT test?  The ACT is just one of the tests that college admissions will require you to take in order to be considered for their institution or program of studies.  This test involves multiple sections to test your knowledge in English, math, science, reading, and writing.  In order to be successful on the test, preparing yourself with ACT tutoring in Orlando or at home is highly recommended.  There are a few test taking tips for you to follow to prepare for the ACT exam.


Preparing for your ACT should involve a lot of practice.  Becoming familiar with the test itself can help you greatly once you actually sit down on test day.  You should practice for the ACT by taking practice exams or even enrolling in ACT tutoring in Orlando to boost your scores.  The more you practice for the test, the better you will perform.  When you practice, you will familiarize yourself with the test, instructions, types of questions, strategies, and also time management skills.

Manage Your Time

Because the ACT is a timed test, you will need a time management strategy.  Before you take the test, you should sit down with a practice exam in a timed environment to familiarize yourself with your test taking abilities.  Be aware of how quickly or how slowly you are answering questions.  Skip over questions that are too difficult, and come back to them if you have time.  Also, if you are unsure of an answer, it may be best to make your educated guess sooner rather than later.

Answer Every Question

One of the most important differences between the SAT and the ACT is the scoring guidelines.  On the ACT, it is critical to answer each and every question, regardless if you are fully confident in your answer.  This is because incorrect answers do not count against you on the ACT.  However, it is recommended to use every strategy before simply guessing in order to improve your chances to get the correct answer.  

Use Process of Elimination

When you are answering individual questions on the ACT exam, you should use the process of elimination.  This will improve your chances of getting the answer correct.  First, read the question.  Then, eliminate obviously incorrect answers.  This process of elimination will allow you to make an educated guess and take the proper steps to choosing the most correct answer for each and every question.

These are just a few of the tips that will guide you towards success when you are taking the ACT.  This test can be difficult, but with the right preparation and ACT tutoring in Orlando, you can improve your scores.  Contact us today to schedule a session with our experienced and qualified tutors.