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Strategies for Success on the SATs

Strategies for Success on the SATs

Strategies for Success on the SATs

You just took your first SATs and you're displeased by your score.  So, what do you do?  You sign up to re-take them in hopes that you score higher the second time around.  After all, you have your sights set on your dream college, and you want to better your chances of acceptance with a high SAT score.  As an SAT tutoring in Orlando, we offer our students many different tools to help them succeed on their SATs.  We recommend a few strategies for success on the SATs.

Time Management

One of the difficult aspects of the SATs is that it is a timed test.  This makes test takers shudder in fear, as they are not used to having timed tests in their typical school environment.  However, there are strategies they can use to help them maximize the time they do have to complete sections of the test.  Whenever they are unaware of an answer to a question, they should skip it.  Always answer the questions they know, and then cycle back to the confusing questions after.  This will help them to maximize the amount of points they can score, while not wasting their time on questions they are already unsure of.

Look at Reading Questions First

In the reading section, it is advisable to read all of the questions prior to reading the passages.  Because students do not score any points for simply reading the article, it is best to first understand what they are looking for when they do actually read.  This way, they can stop when they recognize an answer from a question that they've already previewed.  This strategy helps students maximize the amount of points they can get on reading comprehension questions, and it also minimizes the amount of time spent toiling over the actual reading process.

Anticipate Answers

When students are working on vocabulary in context or grammar sections, they should first anticipate a suitable answer before they read the choices.  We advise our students to cover the answer choices so that they don't fall into test traps.  After they predict an answer that fits in the blank, they can then compare their prediction with the answer choices given.  This should help them to quickly find the most suitable answer that matches their prediction.  

Always Check Your Choice

Once an answer has been chosen, whether they are working on the math or reading section, students should always check their answer choice.  This may involve putting the numbers back into the equation to check for correctness, or it may involve reading a sentence with the chosen word to ensure that it makes sense.  This is a quick assessment to make sure that your choices are correct.  If something doesn't match up, it could indicate that they've chosen incorrectly and they need to go back and reassess their answer.

These are just a few of the key strategies you can implement on test day in order to improve your overall SAT score.  If you are looking to practice these strategies and learn about other tactics for improvement, contact us today to schedule an appointment.  Our SAT tutoring in Orlando helps prepare our students to achieve success on their tests.