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Raising Your Score on the SAT Reading Test

Raising Your Score on the SAT Reading Test

Raising Your Score on the SAT Reading Test

You already know the importance of scoring well on the SAT test to your future. When you obtain the right score, then you open doors to better colleges. This can be vital to getting higher paying jobs when you are done. Before you take the SAT reading test, learn how to eliminate wrong answers allowing you to choose the right one. Since the test designers want to trap you into choosing the wrong answer, learning common tricks they use will help you choose the right one raising your score dramatically.

Too Specific

Many of the wrong answers on the SAT are too specific. If you need to find the main idea of a passage, then make sure to not fall into this trap. Back away from the question and look for the high-level answer. The test designers use the same words in the wrong answer to make sure that you read the passage and did not just choose your answer based on common words used in the answer and the reading passage.

Too Broad

Some questions on the reading part of the SAT will also try to get you to choose answers that are too broad. They will encourage you to choose an answer that covers many different things instead of the main idea of the passage. For example, if the reading passage deals with time management in factories, then the wrong answer may talk about time management in very general terms and not tied to factories.

Reversed Relationships

Another trick used by the SAT is to use reversed relationships. This answer can be the hardest to identify as wrong in a hurry because it mentions all the right words, but the relationship is backward. For example, the passage might talk about how the environment shaped human evolution when the passage talks about how human evolution shaped the environment. Reading the answer carefully and thinking about the order can help you spot these wrong answers quickly.

Unrelated Concept

The SAT will insert some wrong answers into the test that contain hot topics. These answers are designed to make you have an emotional reaction and pick them even though they are wrong. Make sure that the answer that you choose is connected to the topic of the passage.

Students who do poorly on the SAT often fall into two broad categories. They either do not use their time wisely or they do not have enough subject knowledge ahead of taking the test. Attending SAT tutoring in Orlando can help you discover which group you are in. It can also help you discover test-taking techniques to help you score better on the exam. The best SAT tutoring in Orlando is available at Celebration Learning and Academic Services. Contact them today about their classes or one-on-one tutoring before you take the SAT.