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Raising Your SAT Math Score

Raising Your SAT Math Score

Raising Your SAT Math Score

Many students find math more challenging than reading. These students can benefit from learning what is on the SAT math portion of this important exam.  According to the College Board, publisher of the SAT, the questions on this part of the test are designed to get you to apply skills that you have learned to real-life scenarios.  You can use a calculator on part of the exam while you must work the other part out on paper or in your head. Before sitting this critical test, you will want to enroll in SAT tutoring in Orlando to brush up on your skills.


While the College Board divides this section into eight categories, you need to pay attention to five different types of questions to get a top score. You need to be able to solve multistep equations to find the variable. You also need to be able to solve equations where there are two variables. You also need to study solutions sets. Other questions will ask you to select a graph that shows an algebraic equation or to choose the right equation based on a given graph. The final type of items that you need to concentrate on is how an equation change affects a graph.

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Other questions on the SAT are designed to test your ability to solve problems and analyze data. You need to be able to determine a rate or ratio and apply your findings to solve multistep problems. Not only will you need to know how to find percentages, but you will also need to solve multistep problems using your percentage answer. You will need to be able to convert between different measurement units and use your answer to solve multistep problems. Part of the test will also require you to analyze data, like finding relative frequencies, make inferences, and make inferences.

Advanced Math

These questions are designed to test your ability to work with more complicated equations. You will need to be able to create an equation that models a real-life situation. Much of the focus in this area is on working with exponents and radicals and finding equivalent forms. You will need to be able to handle several types of equations, including quadratic, linear, rational, and non-rational. Finally, you will need to know how to handle function notations.

While many SAT tutors in Orlando spend a considerable amount of time on geometry, it only makes up 10 % of the exam questions. That is why it is essential to work with an experienced professional when choosing sat tutoring in Orlando. Contact Celebration Learning and Academic Services to help you prepare for the SAT. You will learn critical test-taking tips while reviewing essential concepts on this test that will help determine your future. Call them today to get started.