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Amazing Benefits of learning a Second Language

Amazing Benefits of learning a Second Language

Amazing Benefits of learning a Second Language

There are many wonderful benefits that come with learning a foreign language. Although it can be challenging, if you dedicate yourself to it, you will see what a rewarding experience learning a second language can be. It is an investment of your time that is well worth the effort. Speaking more than one language can certainly make traveling a lot easier if you speak the language native to the country you are visiting. It also allows you to be more diverse when it comes to other cultures since when you are learning a new language, often times you also gain culture-based knowledge from the countries that speak that particular language.

Some reasons you should consider learning a second language are:

1. Improves Memory

A new language will challenge your brain in many ways. You have to be familiar with the new vocabularies and the rules, as well as the ability to apply the knowledge. Learning another language is like taking your brain for a workout at the brain gym. In other words, people with knowledge of many languages find it easier to recall facts, names, figures etc.

2. Brings About the Ability to Multi-task

If you are not used to multi-tasking, you will agree that it can be a pretty stressful exercise. Many people who are learning a second language have reported how tasking it can be on the brain. However, being able to switch back and forth between two languages contributes to their ability to multi-task more efficiently than those who do not speak a second language. Once they are proficient in the second language and are able to easily switch from one language to the other, their ability to multi-task improves which can contribute to lower levels of stress.

3. Helps the Mind Remain Sharp

There are many studies that have supported the fact that learning a new language can help keep the mind and brain healthy. In particular, learning another language can help ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia. Based on these studies, the average age for adults who speak only one language to start showing first signs of dementia is 71.4, while adults who speak two languages or more have the mean age of 75.5 when they begin to shows signs of the decline in mental ability.

4. Improvement in the First Language

Learning a second language helps you improve on your first language. You might be thinking; how can that be? The concept is quite simple. When you are in the process of learning something new, you pay more attention to things that are related to the topic you are learning about. For example, if someone just started learning about the benefits of herbs, the next time they are at the grocery store, they will probably be more likely to notice all the different types of herbs. Prior to that, they may have walked right pass them without giving it any thought. When learning a second language, you give more thought to the structure of language in general, including your native one. You focus on things like grammar, comprehension, sentence structure and grammar. These skills can be beneficial in improving your writing and communication skills as well as your listening skills.

5. Better Academic Performance

As discussed above, learning a second language makes the brain smarter. As a result of this, many studies have reported that another great benefit of learning a second language is improved score on various exams like reading comprehension, mathematics, and other standardized exams.

Children could object to learning a new language, however, the benefits in the future will be tremendous. Language skills improve the ability to excel in problem-solving skill. Many schools with compulsory foreign language classes have recognized this fact and implemented the tools to help kids reap the benefits of speaking more than one language.

The benefits of learning a second language cannot be overemphasized. With language, you develop better cognitive skills, better multi-tasking ability, listening and problem-solving skills. A second language also helps you improve on your social interaction among your peers.

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