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The Celebration Learning & Academic Services came up with an innovative proposal for teaching English. Our goal is to meet the needs of a market lacking language courses geared to the individual interests of each person. In today's world, people need to learn English quickly and efficiently. That's why our program is innovative and directed to the different profiles of our students. We offer dynamic classes that encourage participation and rapid development in the English language.

Do You Want to Learn English Quickly?

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There are several reasons to learn English in a quick manner: a trip abroad, job interviews, the possibility to live abroad or simply get a good grade on a test. But what is the best way to absorb the language and understand English?

Studying in an institute that can provide you with interesting, inspiring and efficient lessons!

The individual, regular and immersion courses offered by Celebration Learning & Academic Services can be an excellent choice for those who wish to take a fast and efficient course. Our courses are tailored to your needs for that reason we set up a program that fits your learning goals and expectations.

We help our students learn the fundamental structures of language in no time at all. And best of all is that our teaching method is genuinely effective, providing all the necessary tools so that the student can communicate from the first day of class! In other words, interacting and understanding are stimulated from the first minutes of class. During class, the student can count on our excellent teachers and our state-of-the-art teaching materials.

In addition to excellent lessons, CLASS offers other tools to help you improve your English. Here you can join our famous "Conversation Club" - where you can relate to other students from other levels and other classes and with different teachers to perfect your conversation in English. We also have "English on the Go" that offers you the opportunity to use English in different circumstances - whether in a park, a bank, a supermarket or even at the doctor's office.

Come and see the structure of the Celebration Learning & Academic Services! We are sure that by studying with us you will be able to:

  • Listen and improve your understanding;
  • Speak and talk, training language orally;
  • Read a lot, absorbing English in a quickest of manners;
  • Write and discuss a diverse number of topics.

 Anyway, there are several reasons to dedicate and learn English and we are here to make your dream come true!

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